Olga worked and studied fashion and technology based on UK. During staying in UK she started her creation as {-ish}which is name of label. Now she set up her actual fashion brand Etw.Vonneguet to start business based on JAPAN to focus specific digital skill. On the other hand, create costume for artist Salyu, iPhone app direction, UI design, she is very multi talented designer ever.

ABOUT  Etw.Vonneguet エトヴァス・ボネゲ




Fashion Maison Etw.Vonneguet is created by fashion designer Olga. Using epoch-making digital tool for creation, show new collection for society and people more publicly as fashion brand. For example, runway on tokyo main street or 3DCG cloth simulated digital collection. Market is also growing across the country.

デザイナーOlga率いるファッションメゾン、Etw.Vonneguet(エトヴァス・ボネゲ)。 デジタルツールを使った新しい服づくりへの挑戦と、ファッションの新たな視点を提案する。服を媒体とした人と社会への意味的デザイン活動を理念としている。

ABOUT  designer Olga